Statement from Denise Richardson, Executive Director of the GCA on Governor Cuomo’s Infrastructure Plan

January 29, 2016

“Governor Cuomo is correct, investing in New York’s infrastructure is essential to the future of our state’s economic success. It is long overdue that  New Yorkers regained the confidence and competence to implement a grand vision for New York’s infrastructure future. The GCA members are  ready to start work on the JFK airport redevelopment – along with the transportation network that connects it to the rest of the City – thereby increasing capacity and creating a more seamless experience for travelers.”

About the General Contractors Association

The General Contractors Association represents the unionized heavy construction industry in New York City that constructs New York’s building foundations and public works infrastructure. Our 300 members employ 20,000 hardworking professional and trades workers across New York State. In addition to New York City, our employees come from 702 New York State zip codes, as far east as North Haven, as far north as Champlain and as far west as Chautauqua.