GCA Members Build the Foundations of New York

When we talk about what GCA members build, we refer to our roads, bridges, tunnels and transit projects as forming the foundations of the greatest city on earth. But the truth is that many of our members build the foundations that support New York’s signature skyscrapers.

Building on the unearthed depths of unparalleled bedrock, our members, who have over a hundred years of history to look back on, are now looking forward as part of an equally historical and monumental movement to rezone and reshape East Midtown.  The first salvo in that effort is laying the groundwork for the construction of One Vanderbilt, a 65 story tower adjacent to Grand Central that, once completed, will be the second tallest building in New York City.  Its benefits go beyond what the eye will see at street level.  Below will be improved access to Grand Central Terminal, as well as the Times Square Shuttle and the Lexington Avenue 4, 5 and 6 Lines.

Building such a massive office tower amidst one of the most demanding and dense locations in the world and immediately adjacent to Grand Central, requires the skill and expertise that could only be brought to bear by one of GCA’s members.  In fact, the foundation work alone has already set the project apart.  A record-breaking concrete pour was accomplished in a little over 16 hours, using 8,500 tons of concrete, 1 million pounds of steel reinforcing bar, and 420 trucks.

This video captures that effort in details and highlights the skill and expertise of GCA members in building the very foundations of the greatest City in the world!