Anthony Foxx Sworn in as US DOT Secretary

Charlotte North Carolina Mayor Anthony Foxx, whose nomination by President Obama to replace USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood, was confirmed last week by the U.S. Senate in an unanimous 100-0 vote, resigned his Mayoralty on Monday, July 1 and was sworn in as the new Secretary on July 2.  Foxx, 42, served as the Mayor of Charlotte for the past 4 years and is credited with being a transit fan for his support of Charlotte’s new light rail system and “smart-growth” development. 

While universally liked, Foxx will nonetheless inherit a difficult relationship with a Congress that is bringing historic pressure to bear on holding down all federal funding, including transportation infrastructure spending.  He faces another round of “Sequester” cuts this fall against the backdrop of three major transportation reauthorization bills: The Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act (PRIIA); the  Amtrak Reauthorization, and the September 2014 expiration of the two year MAP-21 transportation bill. 

While it is unclear what his personal priorities will be for the Department, which has 53,000 employees and a total budget of $74 billion, in his confirmation hearing, he said he would continue with at least two of Secretary LaHood’s priorities: safety and working with the transportation community to find “new ways to fund highway projects and other infrastructure needs.”