The 5-Year anniversary of the I-35 bridge collapse in Minnesota reminds us of the critical need for investment in our bridges.

Five years have passed since the tragic collapse of the I-35 Bridge in Minnesota on August 1st, 2007, and despite a new two-year federal transportation bill and increased investments in our city and state bridges, funding levels still fall short of what’s needed to bring our bridges both locally and nationally into a state of a good repair. Over 42 percent of the bridges in New York State are still structurally deficient and nationally, nearly 15 percent of our bridges are functionally obsolete. The Minnesota Bridge Collapse, which killed 13 people and injured 145 more, continues to serve as a reminder that preventive maintenance and sufficient levels of investment are necessary to support this most basic transportation component. Roads and bridges are projected to require hundreds of billions of dollars in repairs in the next few years beyond current funding levels. A well-maintained infrastructure network creates thousands of construction jobs, stimulates economic growth and enhances our everyday lives with a safe and reliable network that the public can count on. We urge our government leaders and elected officials to revitalize our aging infrastructure and create a world class transportation system that meets today’s needs.