GCA and E.E. Cruz/Tully Construction JV Host a “Salute to the Second Avenue Community”

On Saturday, September, 17, the GCA joined EE Cruz and Tully to host a “Salute to the Second Avenue Community.”

After years of construction on the Second Avenue Subway, and understanding the inconvenience it created for the local neighborhood, the contractors created a special celebration to say thanks upon the completion of the Second Avenue street rehabilitation work between 90th and 105th Streets.

Joseph F. Malandro, P.E., President/COO of E.E. Cruz & Company, Inc. stated, “We wanted to thank the community for their support during this very complicated project. The improvements above ground reflect an incredible amount of progress underground.”

To show their thanks, the contractors enlisted a vintage Good Humor ice cream truck to provide free ice cream to children and put up a banner that proclaimed “Your Second Avenue is Back. It is even better underground.” Hundreds of people showed up to enjoy the ice cream and kids received free balloon animals and other party favors.

Denise Richardson stated, “The Second Avenue Subway construction is arguably one of the most complex projects undertaken in recent memory. We all grew up hearing about the plans for Second Avenue and now they are a reality. This event was a way to thank the community for their support of this very important project.”