GCA congratulats Sen. Schumer, Gov.Cuomo, Amtrak, USDOT Secty Anthony Foxx for advancing Gateway


November 12, 2015 


Denise Richardson, Executive Director of the General Contractors Association of NY, Commends All Parties for Advancing Gateway

The General Contractors Association of New York Executive Director, Denise Richardson, today congratulated Senator Schumer, Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie, Amtrak, the United States Dept. of Transportation, and Secretary Anthony Foxx for advancing a structural framework to move the Gateway project from concept to reality.  

“As New Yorkers who appreciate the enormous value of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor to not only our own economy, but also to that of all the states along its 456 miles from Boston to Washington, D.C., we are thrilled that the Gateway structure and funding idea proposed by Senator Schumer earlier this fall has been advanced so quickly,” said Richardson.

“This collaborative effort is a truly positive intergovernmental story.  Senator Schumer, as well as Governors Cuomo and Christie, have stepped up to the plate and pledged a fair share.  Amtrak and U.S. DOT have done the same.  Now the substantive planning must immediately get underway to ensure uninterrupted service for Amtrak and New Jersey Transit under the Hudson River for years to come.”