GCA members honored to have built New York’s water infrastructure; commends Mayor Bloomberg for having the foresight and fortitude to see the Third Water Tunnel project through to completion with billions in investments the last 12 years.

The Manhattan section of the Third Water Tunnel, which is being built by the GCA’s member companies, was activated by Mayor Bloomberg on October 16, 2013 when fresh drinking water flowed out of the City Hall Park Fountain.  The GCA commends the hard work and dedication of its members who have worked tirelessly for decades to build this essential element of New York’s infrastructure.

The dedicated contractors of the GCA are used to the lack of recognition for their hard work, skill and risk taking in building New York’s most complex infrastructure. “It’s not sexy.  And nobody says thank you,” said Mayor Bloomberg at a news conference activating the new tunnel.

In addition to supplying fresh drinking water to all Manhattan residents, completion of this section will allow the NYC Department of Environmental Protection to shut down water tunnel No. 1 for inspection and repairs for the first time in nearly 100 years.  GCA members have laid the foundations of the city’s water supply with their involvement in the construction of the first two water tunnels as well.