GCA releases poll showing transportation is an important bi-partisan issue.

The GCA released a report on the importance of transportation to New York voters.  The findings from a poll of registered voters show 63% of likely New York primary voters would have a less favorable view of their representative and senators in they do not take action this year to protect the state's 2015 federal highway, public transportation and bridge funding which is in jeopardy. 

The Federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF), which on average provides 54 percent of the money the New York State Department of Transportation invests in road, bridge and public transportation capital improvement projects each year, is nearly insolvent.  The money crunch is so bad the U.S. Department of Transportation says it will be forced to slow down reimbursements to the state for work already done, beginning early this summer.  If Congress does not act to fix the trust fund cash problem before October 1, there will be no federal funds available for any new road, bridge or public transportation improvements in the state next year until a fix is passed. 

The poll also shows nearly nine in 10 voters think transportation is essential to their daily activities and the state’s economy.  Over half (56 percent) say it is “very important” to both.  Told how dependent the state’s road and public transit construction program is on federal funding, 63 percent of likely Republican primary voters and 80 percent of likely Democrat voters say it is “very important” that Congress makes sure the support continues for highways, bridges and public transportation.

“What we’re watching today is a slow motion rerun of the 1970’s horror show which ended with the near collapse of our bridge, road and transit systems -- one of the most tangible governmental failures of the last half of the 20th century,” said Denise Richardson, Managing Director of the General Contractors Association of New York.  “The past will come back to haunt us if our elected leaders do not take action soon.”