George Washington Bridge Turns 85

More than a simple span above a mighty river, more than an architectural icon, and more than engineering marvel, The George Washington Bridge symbolized the economic power of the City of New York and what “infrastructure” could create when it opened on October 25 1931. Interesting, it was opened eight months ahead of schedule and then New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt predicted it would be “a highly successful venture.” With all due respects to FDR, it might be one of the more historic understatements in American history.

Members of the GCA NY were involved in its construction, transporting key pieces by train, boat and then crane. Engineer Othmar Amman used innovative engineering to create a light looking design that is strong enough to carry a double deck six lane roadbed.

If any bridge need prove that it can create the future then it is the George Washington. Its striking pillars and graceful arc reminds us every day that our investment in public works and infrastructure will continue to determine the growth and wellbeing of a vibrant city.