Gov. Cuomo announces infrastructure plan for Long Island that will transform the region

At a speech before the Long Island Association on Tuesday January 5, Governor Cuomo outlined a comprehensive transportation plan for Long Island that will boost Long Island's and the region's economy. The hallmark of the plan is third track for the Long Island Rail Road, a desperately needed project that had been shelved over political and community concerns.  The new plan has been revised to keep thrid track within the LIRR's right of way and to take portions of substantially fewer residential and commerical properties. 

In a statement immediately following the speech, the GCA issued the following statement:

“The plan Governor Cuomo unveiled today is amazing in terms of its breadth and scope.  It is the roadmap we’ve needed for a long time and it will take us beyond the status quo and smartly into the 21st Century.  It is imperative that New York’s other elected leaders rally behind it and ensure it moves forward. Thank you Governor Cuomo.”