Governor Cuomo Appoints Joan McDonald Commissioner of the NYS Department of Transportation

Governor Cuomo’s selection of Joan McDonald to be commissioner of the state Department of Transportation will serve the taxpayers of New York State well. It is the GCA’s hope that swift approval by the legislature will ensure that New York can get back on the road again in creating an infrastructure that moves us beyond the recession by creating jobs, energizing the economy and investing in our future.

Ms. McDonald not only received high grades for her performance as Connecticut’s Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development, but she has  already demonstrated that  she has significant expertise in dealing with transportation and infrastructure issues  when she served as Senior Vice President for Transportation at the New York City Economic Development Corporation; Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Traffic Operations for New York City DOT; Director, Capital & Long Range Planning at Metro-North; and as Deputy Budget Director for the New York State Assembly Ways and Means Committee. Commissioner McDonald is the right person to help Governor Cuomo jump start the construction and industry and to wisely guide New York as it reinvests in vital but neglected infrastructure issues.