Governor Stops Payments on Critical Road and Bridge Projects Throughout NYS Putting Thousands of Jobs at Risk

On March 30 Governor Paterson announced the suspension of payments on all road and bridge construction projects in New York State except those funded with federal stimulus dollars.  In New York City $2.8 billion in on-going construction projects and more than 5,000 thousand jobs are at risk.  

Denise Richardson, Managing Director of the GCA discussed the problem with Chuck Scarborough on Wednesday March 31 on NBC New York Nightly News. “There remains a huge difference between managing a fiscal crisis and placing New York’s entire future at risk”, she told Scarborough. “Sweeping reform rather than destructive overnight stop work orders is the road to recovery.”  

 With bridges in New York State falling down, as highlighted by the structural failure of the Lake Champlain bridge in central New York,  the actions of the Governor and State Legislature in allowing critical infrastructure projects to grind to a halt, is short sighted and destructive to the economy.  Tackling massive budget deficits by stopping payments for on-going construction projects that support the economy and generate significant tax revenues makes road kill out of our future.