NYS Steals Another $16 Million in MTA Dedicated Funds for Deficit Reduction

When are dedicated taxes not dedicated?  When the NYS legislature is involved.  The MTA receives about 35% of its revenue from a variety of dedicated taxes and fees.  Those taxes were put in place as a means of supporting the region’s mass transit network.  So not once but twice this past year the State has stolen dedicated taxes from the MTA.  In December $143 million in dedicated revenue was re-appropriated from the MTA as part of the deficit reduction package.  An additional $16 million in dedicated MTA tax revenues was taken as part of the budget process to address the expected shortfall in federal funding for Medicaid reimbursement.  When elected officials blame the MTA for raising fares and cutting service, let’s point the finger where it really belongs, right back at the State’s elected officials who steal the MTA’s revenue and then blame the MTA for poor service.