On November 14th and 19th the GCA will be sponsoring OSHA Hazard Communication  Standards training to help members meet the December 1, 2013 deadline, which requires employers to educate staff who come into contact with chemicals of the new labels for the Safety Data Sheets.  The trainings will be at 9:00 AM at the GCA Office.  Please RSVP to Katie Skare at


OSHA Regulation Takes Effect December 1st

Just a reminder- Phase 1 of the new OSHA Hazard Communication Deadline is December 1st.  Employers that use and or store chemicals must train employees on the new regulation and labeling system prior to this deadline.  For more information on the Hazard Communication Standard, please visit the US DOL website here:


 Update to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules:  49 CFR 390.101

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will require all commercial motor vehicle drivers to pass a physical examination by a certified medical examiner listed on the national registry of certified medical examiners.  Previously, exams could have been given by a variety of different types of doctors or practitioners.  The change becomes effective May 21, 2014.