Our History

With a deep and unparalleled knowledge of the New York construction market and a passion for the city it calls home, the General Contractors Association has supported our members for more than 100 years. Formed to build the world class infrastructure that made New York City great in the early 1900s, the GCA remains the respected voice of the heavy construction industry and a powerful advocate for investment to support sustainable growth.

Constructing Water Tunnel #1

GCA Members Built New York

GCA members built the city’s subway system and the roads and bridges that connect the five boroughs of New York together and with the rest of the region. They dug the tunnels to bring clean water to the millions of city residents who desperately needed it. GCA members constructed the foundations for New York’s iconic skyline, and the ports that make it a center of commerce. Today, their work continues with bold new projects that support the city’s impressive infrastructure: GCA members built New York into the metropolis it is today, and keep building for an even better tomorrow.

Digging the foundation of New York’s skyline

“To discuss subway building without reference to the General Contractors Association would be like an attempt to play Hamlet with Hamlet left out.”

Leroy Harkness,
NYS Transit Commissioner, 1925


Boring through bedrock for the Second Avenue subway

Project Highlights by Decade


A group of construction companies banded together to help government agencies and private industry in New York City build the world’s first genuine modern city.


Water Tunnel #1; Hells Gate Bridge; IRT subway tunnels; Grand Central Terminal


Water Tunnel # 2; Goethals Bridge; Long Island Expressway; 14th Street and East River Power Plant


George Washington Bridge; Jacob Riis Park; Lincoln Tunnel


Jamaica Wastewater Treatment Plant; Belt Parkway; Queens Midtown Tunnel


Brooklyn Battery Tunnel; Throgs Neck Bridge; Sunrise Highway


Verrazano Narrows Bridge; SW Brooklyn Marine Transfer Station; Van Wyck Expressway


Cross Bay Bridge; North River Wastewater Treatment Plant; Second Avenue Subway starts (and stops)


Water main replacement; Greenpoint Avenue Bridge; 63rd Street Connector; Javits Center


Ninth Street Bridge; Rikers Island Compost Facility; Oak Point Link


#7 line extension; East Side Access; Second Avenue Subway restarts; Howland Hook Marine Terminal; WTC reconstruction


Water Tunnel #3; Second Avenue Subway Phase 1; New NY Bridge; Willis Avenue Bridge