GCA Discusses How Infrastructure Investment and GCA Members Create Solid Middle Class Jobs

On June 5th, GCA Executive Director, Denise Richardson joined a prestigious group of New Yorkers at a symposium sponsored by the Center for an Urban Future (CUF) to discuss how New York infrastructure investment helps create solid middle class jobs.

The panel, moderated by NY 1 News’ Reporter Errol Louis, included representatives from the Brookings Institute, RBC Capital Markets, AECOM, and the MTA Board.

While the need for increased federal, state, and local infrastructure investment was topic number one, panelists agreed that equally important was how we prepare the workforce to be able to efficiently address the region’s need to upgrade aging subway signals, century-old water mains, and bring more of its bridges, schools, libraries, and public housing buildings into a state of good repair.

Workforce training, such as that provided by the GCA through mentoring, apprenticeship programs, scholarships and internships, is essential, but more needs to be done at more basic levels to provide potential employees with fundamental math, reading and writing skills so they can excel in the industry,” said Richardson.  “Our schools must do a better job from pre-school on up, so that by the time we hire new employees, they are better prepared to compete in the workplace.”