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GCA applauds PANYNJ for taking the tough but fiscally responsible approach to investing in the region’s critical infrastructure

June 27, 2019

Construction industry group comments at Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Board of Commissioners meeting on proposal to increase fares and tolls.

The General Contractors Association of New York told a public hearing on a proposal by the Port Authority to increase fares and tolls to pay for key infrastructure improvements that the Port’s decision is “the tough, but fiscally responsible approach to investing in the region’s critical infrastructure.”

Appearing before the Port Authority’s board, the GCA NY noted that the increase in fees would allow the Port’s capital plan for 2017 to 2026 to grow from $32.2 billion to $37 billion.

Appearing on behalf of the organization, Felice Farber, Senior Director of Policy and External Affairs for the GCA NY, stated, “The current vision put forth in the Capital Plan Update will ensure that that (the budget increase) will be the case – leaving the 20th Century in the rearview mirror and embracing the infrastructure needs of a 21st Century economy dependent on time-saving communication and convenient travel.

“By reviewing and updating the plan every two years, the Authority ensures that both the projects it contains – and the resources it requires – address rapidly emerging infrastructure needs that will keep the bi-state region nationally and globally competitive,” she observed.

Denise Richardson, Executive Director of the GCA NY, stated, “This request by the Port Authority is an example of genuine infrastructure leadership, recognizing that if the New York metro area is going to strengthen its crucial transportation assets it will need to find the investment dollars itself. Waiting for Washington is not an option and waiting for infrastructure failure is unthinkable.”

In a statement issued by Rick Cotton, the Port Authority’s Executive Director, he noted, “These recommended increases in tolls and fare are both needed and measured. We also sought to spread the increases across all our operations to avoid undue burdens. We are wholly committed to delivering improved facilities as we ask our customers to share in supporting the infrastructure investments the region so desperately needs and deserves.”